Avocado Mattress Review

avocado mattress

Making the Right Choice…

When it comes to sleeping easy, you need to have just the right mattress. And one of the best options that you can try is Avocado mattress. Not only does it come with 100% natural wool, latex rubber and certified organic cotton. It also features a lot more impressive aspects that you cannot afford to miss too. From the 1,414 pocketed support coils to the numerous layers, there’s always something exciting about this mattress. If you are setting out to shop for your next mattress, then keep reading to find out what Avocado mattress has in store for you.

Mattress Sizes

A range of sizes for everyone…

If there is one thing about this mattress that blows the competition away, it has to be the array of sizes that it comes with. You can choose from several options to cater to your needs. Maybe you are a single lad who just moved out of your parent’s basement and looking to start out on your own. Perhaps you are a couple shopping for the perfect bed to bring on board comfort to the happiness of your marriage. And if you are only looking to upgrade your bedroom, there will always be something for everyone. You can choose from the twin bed to the California King and everything in between. These sizes differ in the number of support coils, which increase with the increase in size. The choice is all yours.

Highlights of the Avocado Mattress

Among the exciting aspects here is the unique organic latex design. This makes Avocado mattress naturally firmer than the regular memory foam mattresses out there. And it enhances the responsiveness too. Avocado mattress clocks in around seven on a firmness scale of 10 where ten is the firmest. However, it is still soft enough that you will not feel like you are sleeping on a hard floor. This means being above your mattress bed rather than sinking into its contours. In turn, you get an ideal spine support and alignment.

You might feel as if this mattress is too tight or hard at first. But as you break it in, you will notice it loosens and softens just enough to ensure your comfort. Above all, it does not have any pressure points that could cause pain or discomfort. Once you add the pillow to the mix, you get a feeling like no other. The other noticeable thing about Avocado mattress is the spring-back feeling. Combined with its ideal stability, comfort is as good as it can ever get. If you are quite active in the bedroom, then this feature will be handy.

And several layers too…

When it comes to the layers, Avocado mattress never disappoints. These ergonomic layers span from the organic cover to the natural rubber latex. The organic cotton cover on this mattress comes on the top. It is naturally breathable, making it ideal for contact with your skin. It stays cool and wicks moisture easily. The next layer is its porous latex foam. This one ensures great air travel over most regular memory foam mattress. Then there is the edge support, which helps keep the mattress sturdy even when you sleep close to the edge. So you don’t have to worry about the risk of sliding and falling off the bed.

And a coil base comes in handy too. You can think of this as the backbone of the mattress. It creates the stability that makes this mattress so robust. Below is an innerspring unit, which covers about 8 inches. Want a bouncy mattress? Then this is what this layer offers, besides reducing the motion transfer and enhancing sine alignment and support. Lastly is the natural rubber latex. It features 100% Dunlop extracted from rubber trees, making it environment-friendly.

How does the Avocado Mattress Compare?

Avocado mattress vs. Zenhaven mattress

Some of the similarities in these two mattresses include durability, use of natural latex, and breathable nature. They also boast a bouncy design, the natural wood material under the cover and have a zoned construction for more support in the middle. On the contrast side, Avocado mattress features a pocketed coil system while Zenhaven employs Talalay latex. You can add an optional pillowtop to your avocado mattress, which is different from Zenhaven since the latter features a flappable design. Another great contrast is that Avocado is quite wider at 11 to 13 inches thick, while Zenhaven is only 10 inches wide. And with avocado, you have a thicker comfort layer of the Zenhaven option.

What others who have tried it have to say

Having been on the market for well long enough now, Avocado mattress has seen a great deal of use. And most users like several things about it. One of these is the organic nature, which puts it right ahead of the competition on the safety to self and environment as well as reliability. It also gets the best of users with its perfect responsiveness. This feature has really made the difference for people with back problems like pain and fatigue. Another impressive aspect that has seen the craze for this mattress on the rise is its bounce. Together with the floating feeling that this mattress delivers, most users have been impressed.

Avocado Mattress Warranty

What’s great about the purchase?

When it comes to getting the mattress you want, the purchase has to offer the best of terms too. Avocado mattress comes with quite a wide array of great deals. Perhaps the first exciting thing you will notice is the free shipping and the free returns. But that’s not all yet; you can buy with confidence after making the most out of the 100-night sleep trial option. So you don’t have to buy a mattress you are not sure can cater to your needs. With up to 25 years warranty cover, you can buy without having to worry about any worst-case scenario where anything goes wrong.

If you are out to get the perfect mattress for your bed, then Avocado mattress proves to be worth a hard look. You can count on its array of features, and above all, the environment-friendly design puts it on top. You need to try it to believe it, from the ease of use to heavy-duty performance, it packs something every homeowner or business wants. Get out there and try yours, comfortable sleeping can’t get any better than this.

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