Bear Mattress Review

Bear Mattress is a bed-in-a-box US-based online company that is dedicated to creating high-performance products. Sleep is the most important activity for people with a busy lifestyle. With their graphite-gel infused memory foam, advanced cover and 3-layer design, the company hopes to meet the requirement of those seeking a bed that’s neither too soft nor too hard. But does this mattress match up to buyers expectations?

Bear Mattress Specifications:

The first signature memory foam Bear mattress was sold in 2015, and what made it unique was the Celliant textile technology used on the cover, which we will talk about later. The mattress features four layers:

• 1-inch graphite memory foam base
• 2.5 inches of quick response polyfoam
• 6.5 inches of high-density foam
• Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam

The mattress features standard sizes, each 10 inches high and only one firmness option.
Mattress Sizes and Price
Dimensions Weight Price
California King 72” x 84” x 10” 90 lbs. $940
King 76” x 80” x 10” 90 lbs. $940
Queen 60” x 80” x 10” 70 lbs. $840
Full 54” x 75” x 10” 60 lbs. $740
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 10” 50 lbs. $640
Twin 39” x 75” x 10” 50 lbs. $540

In-Depth Review of Bear Mattress Features

When shopping for a mattress there are several considerations you will make. The focus of this mattress company is in athletics; so many of the features were included with athletes in mind.

Celliant Technology
The cover of this mattress is infused with Celliant textile, which is what this brand is most popular for. This material is supposedly invaluable during recovery from an injury as it helps in muscle recovery and reducing inflammation.

The idea of this cover design was conceived after years of research by experts in medicine, biology, and physics in collaboration with other specialized scientists. The science behind the Celliant cover is that it can convert body heat into infrared technology.

There is a myriad of benefits following the creation of a renewable energy source. To begin with, the increase in oxygen levels quickens the body’s natural recovery for athletes and others involved in intense physical activities. The infrared light is credited with enabling vasodilation, and as such promotes blood circulation for the sleeper. So the technology on the mattress cover, together with the memory foam structure helps in regulating your body heat for better quality sleep.

The differences in size of sleepers and the weight distribution are the primary determinants of how sleepers will feel about the firmness of a mattress. The Bear mattress is in the medium range of firmness, albeit a little higher there. When you first sleep on the mattress you are welcomed with the softness of the gel memory foam, but once this conforms to your body you will begin to feel a little springiness thanks to the underneath response layers. These layers create a bouncy feeling when you move on the bed, but you will definitely be feeling more of the firmness than the softness.

Sleeps Cool
The Bear mattress design aims at retaining a comfortable temperature as you sleep. To achieve this, the designers created a breathable top layer that features a graphite gel praised for its cooling properties. The gel helps in heat distribution and encourages proper air circulation which ensures you sleep cool.

The middle layer of this mattress features an open-cell design which supposedly increases conductivity and cooling seven times more than regular foam mattresses. The last layer is a solid base that ensures you don’t sink too much into the bed. Since your body touches a small surface you are prevented from getting warmer.

Motion Transfer
This mattress model has a top layer of memory foam and a solid foam base which together minimize motion transfer by absorbing vibrations. Sleepers can also move easily on the bed because of the medium-firm density and lack of “hug”. This mattress is therefore perfect for people who share a bed because they can cuddle comfortably and there will be a minimal disturbance when one sleeper get in and out of the bed.

Performance of the Bear Mattress

Most foam mattresses release a certain smell when unboxed, this is what is called off-gassing. This Bear mattress is no different, it will release a bit of a smell when you first roll it. Thankfully, it is made in the U.S and therefore they have adhered to regulations pertaining to noxious odors. You should be comfortable sleeping in just a few hours after unboxing although it’s recommended to wait up to 12 hours before you start using it, especially for very sensitive people.

Edge Support
Bear mattress boasts of a solid edge-to-edge surface, and as such you will feel stable sleeping on it. The overall foundation of the mattress is solid thanks to the dense base foam. The entire surface has a consistent feel, although the edges have somewhat less support, and thus you can probably sleep for a while at the edges but won’t be very confident sitting there for long hours.

The Bear mattress is a consolidation of different types of foam, and because of this does conform too much to the body as it common with regular foam mattresses. The mattress will still slightly hug the body of an individual sleeper, but more importantly, will prevent the sleeper from overheating and offer pressure point relief.

What everyone wants to know when shopping for a mattress is how comfortable it is. In fact, everything else is null and void if the user’s expectations in terms of comfort are not met. The Bear mattress has a foam layer infused with graphite gel at the top, followed by a response and transition later. This design helps you sleep cool and at the same time regulates pressure release and bounce.

This mattress is perfect for back sleepers. It allows you to sink to amicable depth, provides sufficient support and conforms to your body thereby cradling your shoulders and lumber. Side sleepers will also enjoy this bed. The combination of spring and conformity enable your hip and shoulders to sink comfortably while still giving the necessary support.

So, is this mattress worth a buy? For mattress prices, which depend on size, are good for the quality of this mattress. Besides, you are given a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty on your purchase. As a plus, you also get free shipping!

Bear Mattress vs. Bear Hybrid

The original Bear mattress is a great choice if you are on a budget, are a side sleeper or strictly sleep on your back. The hybrid Bear mattress features a combination of foam and coils and is slightly softer than the original Bear mattress. It is perfect for all types of sleepers, and a good choice if you take quality over price.

While the Bear Mattress is great we highly recommend checking out the the Dream Cloud Mattress before making a buying decision. Here is link to check them out here…  DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

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